Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cram and Flush

It’s approximately three thirty on this fine snowy morning. I am currently finishing up the last of my papers due for the week so I can focus on studying for Global Issues and Latin American politics and government and get ready to go to Egypt. Yes! I leave Friday and I am super excited to get this finals week over so I can sleep on the entire fifteen hour plane ride.

You have to love the college life: no sleep, poor diet, and stress that will make your hair fall out! Haha, okay that’s my case right now but it’s not the same for everyone. One piece of advice, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Things come up very unexpectedly and it’s better to be ready than scrambling at the last minute. For now I am using what someone told me today is the “cram and flush” method way of studying (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUT AT THIS POINT IT’S URGENTLY NEEDED). The strategy is simple, cram all the information you possibly can into your brain the night or two nights before the test and after the two hour long final with a swift “woosh” the information is gone from your brain, never to be seen again! It’s like magic, even though it will not get you a good grade. I guess I better get back to studying because this method is not effective if there is nothing in my brain to begin with. Good luck with whatever tests are coming up for you and please wish me luck because I am going to need it tomorrow!

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