Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week of Welcome Was Awesome!

Fall semester 2009 is well under way! I got into all the classes I wanted and I'm especially excited about my Middle Eastern Government and Politics class. This past week I helped out with the traditional Week of Welcome or WOW. Everyday there was a fun activity for students. Monday was the start of the Blood Battle, we have a competition every year against the Univeristy of Utah for the most blood donated by a student body and I think we beat them! Later that night I went to the Aggie Stampede and the Sequence Concert. It was so cool to see that everyone was cheering and in Aggie Gear to begin the year off right.
This year’s theme for the week was Get Connected so I got a cool tetras T-shirt for volunteering. Tuesday we showed a free movie in the TSC Ballroom and Wednesday there was a foam dance on the HPER Field. Thursday was one of my favorite nights, I went to help out at High Stakes Bingo where we were giving prizes from I-Pods to $400 bicycles! Friday was awesome too, the traditional 80’s dance had more people than I have ever seen.
On the downside, because I was so busy last week, I need to get caught up on homework for my 10:30 Latin American Government class. Until next time, enjoy your week!

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